Retirement FAQ's

Thursday, June 22, 2017
  1. Notifying the District
    We have a fillable form letter for you to use.  Please contact your BTA President for a copy. (From the President because your decision to possibly retire is a personal one and will be kept confidential.)
  2. ARTICLE XI - INSURANCE, RETIREMENT, AND OTHER BENEFITS   (contact Terry Pluschau, business office) 
    Please familiarize yourself with this section of the contract. Retirees who are participating in the FLEX program have to let Terry know the amount that they will not be contributing after June.  You should receive a MEMO from Donna.
  3. Insurance (contact Carmela Safina, business office)
    The retiring teacher must respond to the paperwork sent by Gail regarding what they have to do in order to activate insurance as a retiree.
    - Anyone who has a waiver for insurance right now should enroll in the district's health plan for at least 3 months in order to have it in place by retirement date.  The waiver will then be pro-rated.
  4. AFLAC
    Any retiree who would like to continue to participate in AFLAC has to contact Greg Maloney ( and inform them that they are retiring.
  5. Excess Major Medical
    Any retiree who wishes to continue excess major medical MUST contact the broker on their account to continue participation.
    Our contact is Katia Barrett (516) 944-3888,  at
    IMPORTANT - Once you opt out of Excess Major Medical after you retire you CANNOT rejoin later!
  6. You should receive a letter from the District guaranteeing your health benefits after you retire signed by the Superintendent.  You will need to sign and return.  CLICK HERE TO VIEW A COPY