BTA Committees

Negotiations Committee:
  • Is your Executive Board until official negotiations as per your CBA
Political Action/Public Relations:
  • Alex Marange - Chair
  • Barbara O’Halloran
  • Kyle Cropsey
  • Lisa Necroto
  • Bernadette Forthmuller


  • Marissa Scholl - Chair
  • Kyle Cropsey
  • Barbara O’Halloran
  • Ashely Belmonte
  • Leah Wessinger
Shared Decision Committee Members:
  • Policy - TBD
  • Technology - TBD
  • Curriculum - TBD
  • Building & Grounds - TBD
Sick Bank Committee: Will review all requests for sick leave time under the provisions set forth under Article VIII section 8. Sick Leave in the teachers' contract.
  • Steve Vaccaro - Chair
  • Kerrin Brennan
  • Lisa Lang
  • Bernadette Forthmuller
  • Melissa Anderson
Scholastic Awards Committee:
  • Linda Fama (Co-Chair)
  • Brooke Carey (Co-Chair)

New/Untenured Teacher Coordinator:

  • Barbara O’Halloran

Health and Safety Committee:

  • Heather Hosek - Chair
  • Melissa Callahan
  • Ashley Tomei
  • Emilee Rahner
Babylon Teachers’ Association Representative Assembly Delegates and Alternates:
Members make their voice heard by electing local delegates who represent them at NYSUT’s annual convention, the Representative Assembly. The RA is the union’s highest policy-making body, except for a membership referendum. All NYSUT members are welcome to attend the annual Representative Assembly, but only duly elected and reported delegates may debate and vote on proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, proposed resolutions and other business that might be brought before the Representative Assembly according to NYSUT Constitution and Bylaws provisions or policy.
BTA President/First Delegate: Rob Richardelli
Second Delegate: Steve Vaccaro
Alternates:  BTA Officers as Per your BTA Constitution