Retirement/Separation Date

Thursday, March 2, 2017
Dear Colleagues,
This is a reminder for those of you considering retirement (or separation from the district) this year.
  • If you wish to participate in the Separation Plan A or Plan B incentives (whichever you are eligible for) in our CBA. Your irrevocable letter of resignation will need to be submitted to the District no later than the close of business on Wednesday, March 2nd of the year of separation.
  • Any interested parties regarding the process as it pertains to our contract should contact Rob Richardelli for additional information and a sample resignation letter
  • If you have any NYSTRS questions you should contact Melody Wubbenhorst (our district NYSTRS representative)
  • It is important to contact the New York State Retirement System prior to making your final decision. The contact numbers for the Retirement system are: 1-800-356-3128 and 518-447-2666 (again...Melody should be able to help guide you through much of the process)
For MORE Retirement Information please check the NYSUT website.