Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Friday, July 1, 2022
Hello! This is Alex Marange, your PA/PR chair. 
I hope you're enjoying summer break! What else can make it better than getting your student loans forgiven? I plan on sending out bite-sized emails over the course of the summer. As long as you follow along we should get through this together. If you want to move faster I have some helpful links at the bottom otherwise feel free to take this one step at a time with me . The only caveat is all of the paperwork needs to be submitted by October 31st. After that, it will be much more difficult to do this so make sure you join in on the free money!
This is all about Public Service Loan Forgiveness. As a member of the BTA you automatically qualify, I’ve listed the other groups below just in case you know someone who can also join in.
1) Who Qualifies?
  • Teachers
  • People who work for the government
  • People who work for non-profits
It doesn’t matter what the job title is, the only thing that matters is who employs you.
2) What are the requirements? (links provide more detail)
3) What are the first steps?
4) Some helpful Resources: