BTA Elections 2018 - May 9th Election Results

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Message from the BTA Election Chair, Keith Fasano
At this time, the polls are closed for the 2018 BTA District-Wide Election. In a very tight race (68 to 61) between two qualified and respected candidates, the BTA Election Committee is proud to announce that the new BTA Historian is Jessica Kurtz.
As per the BTA Constitution By-Laws III.7, "in the event of an uncontested election, the BTA Secretary shall cast a single vote for the sole candidate of said position." The results of the uncontested positions are as follows:
  • BTA President and Executive Vice President - Rob Richardelli and Steven Vaccaro
  • BTA Treasurer - Christian Murphy
  • BTA Secretary - Melissa Anderson
I would like to thank Chris, Jacie, and Leah for serving on the Election Committee. The Committee would further like to thank all who participated in the voting process and to wish the best of luck to our new BTA Historian. 

Keith Fasano
Election Chairperson