BTA Elections 2018 - Cast Your Vote May 9th

Thursday, May 3, 2018
Message from the BTA Election Committee: Keith Fasano (Chair), Leah Weissenger, Jacie Chatterton, Chris Ryan
We would like to update you on the first round of elections. After receiving letters of intent for the district level positions only one office will have a contested election, Historian.
As per the BTA By-Laws Article III.7, "In the event of uncontested elections the BTA Secretary will cast a singular vote for the sole candidate of said position."
The election for the position of Historian will be held on May 9th in each of the buildings.
Details of voting procedures to follow prior to the election.
Position   Candidate Candidate

President/Executive Vice President

Uncontested Rob Richardelli
Steve Vaccaro
Treasurer Uncontested Christian Murphy XXXXXXXXXX
Secretary Uncontested Melissa Anderson XXXXXXXXXX
Historian Contested Jessica Kurtz (GS) Alex Marange (HS)