About the Babylon Teachers' Association

The purpose of this website is to encourage and build communication between the members of the BTA and to communicate with the parents or guardians of our students and the members of our community.
The purpose of the BTA is to:
  1. to advance the standards of its members' professions;
  2. to promote and improve the welfare and education of all pupils in the Babylon Schools;
  3. to secure the conditions necessary to provide the greatest rewards for its members in their work environment;
  4. to promote the participation of its members in the operational decisions affecting their employment;
  5. to promote the welfare and well-being of its members;
  6. to promote mutual assistance and cooperation with other organizations with which it is associated;
  7. to promote the aims and objectives of the New York State United Teachers and its national affiliates;
  8. to expose and fight all forms of racism and discrimination;
  9. to promote the unity and strength of its members.
This organization shall be affiliated with the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT) and its national affiliates.
There shall be the following membership categories: Active and Retiree
  1. Active membership in this organization shall be open to any person, whose title is delineated in the collective bargaining agreement with the employer.
  2. Retired BTA members shall become honorary members of the organization. Honorary members are prohibited from holding office, voting on union matters, or voting on contract ratifications.
  3. Active membership/member in good standing shall be maintained through the payment of all required dues.
Babylon's teachers believe that our little town is a special place.  We are very proud of our students' accomplishments and hard work.  We are also confident that your children's teachers are some of the most dedicated and influential educators in the field.
We hope that as our new site develops, you will check back in from time to time to peruse some of the links as we attempt to celebrate and honor both students and teachers that make our town unlike any other on Long Island!
We are proud to serve you, your children and the Babylon community.